Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Claim back unfair rent

The UCPH Housing Foundation is probably screwing you and it’s not too late to do something about it

We’ve already seen what an incompetent and probably illegal operation the Housing Foundation is running and it’s not too late for you to claim back unfair rent and utilities charges. Members of this group are taking legal action against the Housing Foundation and they want to help everybody to do the same. But we need your help.

Time is running out for us to get in touch with the 1500 students the Housing Foundation has probably overcharged in this semester alone. Please, share this post wherever you can. Post it to your kollegium’s Facebook group, send it to your friends who live in Housing Foundation accommodation or just click ‘Like’. Our goal is to help everybody know their rights and claim their money back.

If this all sounds like too much trouble, don’t worry. In Copenhagen, the process to claim unfair rent and utilities charges is all done electronically.

Maybe your contract has already finished? Maybe you’ve already left Denmark? It doesn’t make any difference.

Please share now to spread the word.
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To find out the next steps, follow @ucphresidents on Facebook and register for our mailing list.