Sunday, 22 January 2017

Help us to help you

To ensure we provide you with the best possible information and advice, we're joining the Danish tenants' union (LLO). Please help us raise money to pay the membership fee.

For DKK 4800 per year, the UCPH Residents Association can become a member of the LLO and provide accurate information and advice to all current and former Housing Foundation tenants. That's less than 2 kr for each of the 2500 people who will lease from the Housing Foundation this year alone. Please consider donating and sharing our appeal with your family and friends on Facebook.

To see why this is important, please read the articles linked here. We have to protect ourselves if we don't want to see history repeat!

Here's how this will benefit tenants:

  • We can consult with the LLO and their lawyers to provide you with information about your rights
  • We can provide you with information on how to lodge a claim in the Housing Court
  • If your case is unique or requires extra attention you can personally join the LLO at a significant discount (500 kr per half-year gets you the all-inclusive membership with assessment of your case by a lawyer and management of your case by the LLO)