Monday, 13 February 2017

An introduction

The Housing Foundation has a new director, Jannie Sonne. This is our introduction.

Dear Jannie,

I am writing to formally introduce the UCPH Housing Foundation Residents' Association.The Association was started in December 2016 by a group of current and former tenants of the Housing Foundation. Our purpose is to educate all tenants of the Housing Foundation on their legal rights and to take action to ensure that those rights are upheld. We now have over 400 members and are growing quickly; in the coming days, the Association will become a member of the LLO.

I acknowledge the importance of the role that the Housing Foundation plays in enabling thousands of people every year to come to Copenhagen to study or work. For some, this would be difficult or impossible without the services of the Housing Foundation. However, the University of Copenhagen is obligated to arrange housing for many of its international guests - an obligation that is being discharged through the Housing Foundation. For this reason the service of the Housing Foundation is a privilege for some but for others it is a right that is attached to their acceptance as a student or staff member at the University. It is from this perspective that the Residents' Association views the concerns that have come to light regarding the way the Housing Foundation does business.

I anticipate a time when the Residents' Association can work cooperatively with the Housing Foundation to improve the housing situation for international students and staff. However, we first need to develop a mutual respect. At this point in time there are several outstanding allegations against the Housing Foundation regarding illegal fees, illegally high rent amounts, etc. Until the Housing Foundation acknowledges and resolves these matters to the fullest extent required by law, the Residents' Association is unfortunately forced to take the position of opponent rather than colleague. We understand that this is a tumultuous time for the Foundation; however, we are also conscious of the statute of limitations and the associated impetus for us to act quickly in the interests of our members. We will not hesitate to use our relationship with the LLO to lodge cases with the rent board if we perceive that the Foundation is not working expeditiously to rectify the issues that are raised.

I look forward to a constructive relationship with you as the director of the Housing Foundation.

Best regards,


Adam Shrimpton
UCPH Housing Foundation Residents' Association