Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Why we're joining the tenants' union

On January 19 we met with the tenants' union (LLO) to negotiate an affiliation between the LLO and the Residents' Association. The LLO has been aware of the Housing Foundation's wrongdoings over the past few years and is supportive of our effort to organise, inform and protect UCPH tenants. In light of this, they have made us a great offer: for DKK 4800 per year, the Association can be a member of the LLO.

This enables us to get expert legal advice on issues that affect many of our members and make it available to everyone through our web site and Facebook page. What we can't do is provide detailed advice on specific or unique individual cases. Doing so would not be in the best interests of our relationship with the LLO (they can cancel our agreement at any time if we overwhelm them with requests) and we also simply don't have the resources - we are run entirely by volunteers. For unique cases that need individual attention, the LLO has made a further offer: anyone in the Residents' Association can become a full ('ekstra') member at a big discount - only DKK 500 instead of 1200 per half-year. We imagine that these unique cases will be rare; most of the problems we are facing as tenants are faced by many others.

To put this in perspective, our membership with the LLO will allow us to help more than 6000 current and former UCPH tenants for the cost of only two full memberships.