Lodge a case

If you have had a contract with the Housing Foundation in the last 3 years and you would like help lodging a case in the rent tribunal, please contact the Residents' Association through Facebook or by using the form on this page.

Update Feb 2017: it is possible to lodge a case with the court in English; however, their responses will always be in Danish. A link to a contact form can be found at the bottom of this page

Below is an unofficial translation of the Københavns Kommune site 

www.kk.dk/artikel/sådan-indbringes-en-sag-nævnet as of January 2017.

To refer a case to the Board

Here you can read about what you should do to take action before the rent assessment committee, residents complaints board and the appeals board.

To lodge your case:

You can choose to send your case by Digital Post or letter. See contact information below.
You can also submit your case in person at Citizens Nyropsgade 7, 1602 Copenhagen V.

You must send:

  • First and foremost, you must specify the address at issue (the lease must be located in Copenhagen Kommune)
  • Your name and contact information
  • A written explanation of what you want the rent assessment committee to decide. If you have multiple concerns it can be beneficial to separate them into secions
  • The entire lease / contract
  • Relevant correspondence with the other party
  • If it is a moving-out case, you must also include the removal inspection report
  • If it is a case of consumption expenses such as water and heating, send consumption accounts
  • If you are appealing an existing decision made by the Board, send a copy of the decision to be appealed
  • If the board needs further information the Board itself will request it

What you pay:

  • The fee for bringing matters before the residents' complaints board is 143 kroner per case in 2017
  • The fee for bringing cases before the Rent Tribunal is 306 kroner per case in 2017
  • The fee for the Tribunal's hearing is 162 kroner per leases in 2017
  • Fee for pre-approval of the rent for your ownership or cooperative: 511 kroner in 2017
  • Landlords who lose cases before the rent assessment committee must pay a fee of 2,124 kroner (2017) per case. If the landlord loses the case in part, or if the case is settled the Board will impose no charge.
Account number and payment deadline will be stated in the first letter from the Rent Tribunal. Here, your case number will appear, which you must provide when you transfer payment.

Processing time

The processing time depends on the nature compared with the number of cases to the Boards in general. Basically cases are prioritized in chronological order so that the oldest cases are dealt with first. However, sometimes there are urgent cases which by nature must be prioritized first. The procedure typically lasts 7 to 8 months but it is not unusual that a case may take longer.
The procedure is written.
If you have questions about your case, please call tel. 33 66 62 00 Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday (at 10-14). 


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