About us

Who are we?

We are an informal group of current and former residents of the University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation (Københavns Universitets Boligfond). We exist to promote the fair treatment of Housing Foundation residents in accordance with Danish laws.

Our objectives are:
  • To establish an association for all residents of the Housing Foundation
  • To help residents be informed of their legal rights
  • To bring to light cases of unfair treatment of residents by the Housing Foundation 

Why is this important?

The UCPH Housing Foundation bears the name of a well-respected university and claims to be a non-profit organisation. This gives potential customers the impression that it should operate in an open and transparent way with the best interests of the students it purports to help at its core. We have repeatedly found that this unfortunately not how the Foundation operates.
  • The Housing Foundation claims to be non-profit but is registered as a commercial foundation and can legally make a profit. [1]
  • Officially, the Housing Foundation says that it provides housing under the Act on Social Housing, which gives tenants significant rights, representation and protection. When asked, they admitted that they do not actually provide housing under this act and so none of those provisions apply. 
  • In the six months from July 2016 to February 2017, the Housing Foundation increased the price of a quarter of its rooms by more than 15%. Rooms at Rebslagervej, Østerbro Kollegiet and University Guest House increased by 17%, 35% and 42% respectively. These increases are made possible by short contracts and the highly opaque pricing 'information' the Housing Foundation provides. Room prices published on the Foundation's web site are significantly lower than reality and potential customers can only see the real prices of available rooms once they are in the frenzied world of the online booking system. We have room price data up to spring semester 2017, after that we will need to collect this information directly from tenants.
If you're not familiar with the history of the Housing Foundation, these articles sum up why we need a Residents' Association.

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- Housing Foundation cheats students out of deposits

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[1] Conversation with LLO lawyer, 24/01/2017